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A concise review of the latest Fast Track Help Desk & PPM Mechanisms
* See trends and critical data at a glance. Multiple dashboard views; charts can be expanded and clicked to see details of data. Click Here to see the Dashboards page.
SLA/KPI Analysis
* Various reports and charts show Completion SLA Pass/Fail analysis in summary and detail. Reports can be filtered by combinations of Building, Contractor and Work Type as is applicable.
Customer Satisfaction  
* Up to six questions with Yes/No answers can be logged for each job. The question text can be adjusted, as well as the number of questions. Several charts show overall satisfaction counts, including by building and contractor.
Asset Loans  
* Asset Loan work type (ASSET_LOAN) jobs can optionally cause the Assets table to be updated - the requestor of the job is updated to the Asset table's employee code column for the chosen asset.
Asset Requisitions
* Management of Asset Requisitions generated from Call Logging, and new Asset Requisitions view. Asset requisitions can be used to generate ASSET DEPLOYMENT JOBS.
Asset Mechanisms  
* Asset Users - a data structure for asset sharing (assigning many people to an asset).
* Software Assets - tracking of assets as software products and/or licences.
* IP Addresses - new IP address finder available in Call Logging, with data structures to manage IP addresses by location and user.
Labour Resource Change Comms Logs  
* If a different labour resource is chosen for a job, a Comms Log is written as part of the job audit trail.
PPM Asset Finder  
* The Asset Finder added to PPM Task Wizard to facilitate better asset identification. The asset list can be filtered using a variety of combined keywords.
Chargeable Items Required  
* A flag can be set in the Call Logging view, which means that jobs cannot be closed if they have no chargeable Misc Items. This mechanism forces at least one charge against a job.
Launch VNC or other IP Viewer from Asset Code  
* An IP address recorded against an asset can be used to launch a remote viewer (such as VNC) with a couple of mouse clicks. The Viewer (such as VNC) can be specified as application object.
Caller Finder / New Caller  
* 'Caller Finder / New Caller' provides a method of adding the details of a new caller during a call.New callers can come from existing customers and new customers can be added at the same time as new callers. Very useful if not all callers are known (or cannot be known).
Building Finder / Building Caller  
* A 'New Building' mechanism has been added to the Building Finder, facilitating the addition of new buildings (and their address details) during a call. This is a useful mechanism if background data is being built as the system is being used (especially at the start of the project), rather than before the GO LIVE date.